3-Selling Techniques to get you the Maximum Value

Written by Jon Arnold, of MDNA Member Firm, Arnold Equipment Co. 

Not sure what to do with your surplus equipment?  Here are 3-Selling Techniques to help get you the maximum value for the minimum effort.

Depending on your objectives (getting the highest return, free up valuable facility space or getting fast cash) an MDNA Dealer (Member) can put their experience to work for you to achieve this goal.

3-Selling Techniques

Exclusive Listing


Outright Purchase

Exclusive Listing

Keep it in Your House

FOR THE HIGHEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT – If you are able to warehouse the machine(s) at your facilities until sold.

MDNA Members/Dealers can offer you the maximum return on your investment by allowing them to run an exclusive listing on their websites, eBay stores, and through various e-mail marketing campaigns to thousands of end-user manufacturing facilities throughout the world.

This gives you the following advantages:

  • You retain ownership of the machine(s) until sold.
  • They advertise and market your machine to end-users who are ready and willing to pay retail (fair market value);
  • You do not pay anything upfront for this service and we deduct our commission from the proceeds at the time that the machine is sold. Additionally, we market to other dealers who might have customers already looking for the machines.
  • They offer potential customers the convenience of detailed photos and descriptions of the machine(s), which they can have emailed as well. This would be presented in the form of a sales quotation which we would also offer for consignment deals.

The MDNA’s presence in the used machinery marketplace lets customers know that they have knowledge of the machines they are selling for you and they are able to promptly and professionally handle all inquiries about your machine(s).


Send it to Our House

If you need to get the machine(s) out of your facility as soon as possible but do not want to settle for wholesale money, dealers can store your machines at their warehouses until they are sold. This gives you all of the advantages of an exclusive listing, with the exception of a higher commission to be deducted at the time of the sale. Although the return would not be as much as if they sell the machine(s) from out of your facility, you would be able to immediately clear up floor space and get more money at the time of sale than you could ever hope to get from a dealer buying at wholesale for resale stock.

Outright Purchase

Quickest Turnaround

If you need to generate income from your surplus machinery and need the floor space as soon as possible, dealers are always looking for quality machines to buy for resale inventory.   Dealers can pay you immediately but since their business is buying for resale, they cannot give you what an end-user would.  However, they can assure you the offers will be competitive.

What do you have to sell?

About the Author:  Jon Arnold is the President and Owner of Arnold Equipment Co. an MDNA Member Firm located in Cleveland, OH.  Specializing in Chemical Process Equipment with nearly 120 years of expertise under their belt, they have built up a network of trusted relationships within the industry.

They are experts when it comes to using these 3-Selling Techniques.  If you would like to discuss any of the above options further, Jon Arnold can be reached by e-mail at jon@arnoldeqp.com or by phone at 800-642-1824.

You can also visit their website at www.arnoldeqp.com

For more information on equipment or to buy, sell or trade you can also contact any of MDNA’s machinery dealers, located around the world, by using the Find Members>Search tool on mdna.org Or you can Find MDNA Members by region here.