Being a part of this membership pays for itself…

I will tell you that being a part of this membership pays for itself. A few years back I met the Freisen brothers (Johnny and Randy of FMI Trading LLC) at WWTP in Detroit. They were very personable and friendly (we connected). Through our networking, I learned that they had a place close to the border. After the weekend I began to notice their emails and they were never too far from my radar.

Fast forward to August 2019. I bid on a piece of equipment through Charleston Auctions in Acuna Mexico. The details for load-out rigging were unclear. They had a guy on-site named Oswaldo (Ozzie) who told me that it could get loaded and across the border for $750.00-$1,000.00. With that information, I bid, win the bid. Then begins the chase of getting it quoted, loaded, etc. Unfortunately, now Oswaldo has a different story. Through the people he recommends I get a rigging and shipping price of $7500.00 to Tulsa, OK (641 miles legal LTL Piece). I get the overwhelming sense that they are trying to take advantage of this Gringo! lol
I try talking with Charleston Auctions (Shelley Waltour) who could care less. They tell me, “you bought it”. Well yes, I did, so the question was how can I make this happen. After a week of trying to solve this issue, I remembered my southern connection with Johnny and Randy. I called their number and got ahold of Johnny. I explained the situation. He agreed that the cost was high. He told me he couldn’t make any promises but that he would work on helping me. Suffice to say I am overwhelmed with gratitude is putting it mildly. I could not be happier with being a member of MDNA and the good relationships I have made. This morning Johnny sent me a picture of the unit loaded and headed to his place. If any of you are thinking of doing business in the south I highly recommend getting to know the Freisen family. They are professional class and proving to be great friends.

~Matt Reed
Benchmark Machine Tools, LLC