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The More You Know, Q&A with Wigglesworth Machinery Co.

A letter from our President: MDNA Member Profile

Question: When and how did you get your start in this business? 

Gifford Wigglesworth: “I am a fourth-generation machinery 

dealer.  For us this journey began in Chicago at turn of the nineteenth century, with my Great Grandfather Albert W. Wigglesworth.  He saw a business opportunity and shifted from selling new machinery to reconditioning and selling used machinery and for this he is known as the ‘Grandfather’ of the used machinery business.  In 1928 Albert W. sent his oldest of five sons, Albert G., to Boston (an up and coming Industrial Market) to practice the family business.  He tracked down every smoke stack in New England.  We have prospered here through several wars and survived several economic “downturns” and we are now celebrating our 90th year”. 

Wigglesworth 3 Generations
Question: Where are you located and do you have a warehouse? 
Gifford Wigglesworth: “We recently sold one of our two buildings. We consolidated into one warehouse and streamlined our operation. It is located at 276 Border St, East Boston, MA 02128. The entire warehouse is serviced by a heavy duty overhead crane and it is much easier to get trucks in and out”.  
Wigglesworth Warehouse
We have qualified mechanical and electrical repair personnel. We re-scrape slides, replace bearings and lead screws, and replace worn or broken parts as required. Many of our orders are from repeat customers who have been pleased with machines we have previously sold them.”
Question: Is there anything else you’d like fellow MDNA Members to know about your company? 
Gifford Wigglesworth: “We specialize in precision chip removal machinery; lathes, boring mills, grinders and gun drills.  From our beginning to today, and into the future, we have been and will continue to be in the business of reconditioning and adding value to our machines”.   
“My father, Albert Gifford Wigglesworth JR, ran the business for about 35 years. He past away 17 years ago. He said, “Our industry has certainly changed a great deal in a very short time. With the common use of the fax and now the internet, information is light years ahead of what it was a few years ago. There are darn few of us left doing things the “old-fashioned way”. When you buy from our stock, the machines are “right” when they go out the door”. I don’t have a fax machine anymore, but like my father, I make sure that the machines are still “right” before they go out the door.” 
Get In Touch With Gifford Wigglesworth
Tel: 617-567-7210
The MDNA is made up of extraordinary companies and amazing individuals, unique because of our national and global reach.  MDNA is committed to sharing the story of each of our members.  If you are interested in having your company profile spotlighted in this way please email and mention you would like your company profile shared.
MDNA President – Joe Lundvick, CEA
Perfection Global, LLC

MDNA Runs Miles for Manufacturing at IMTS 2018

MDNA Members Troy Clark, CEA, Clark Machinery and David Valitt, Machinery Values Inc. were up early to run the M4M 5k with almost 500 other registered racers during the 2018 IMTS show going on this week. Will you join them at the next race?

Troy and David at the starting line M4M 2018 5K


“Since its debut at IMTS 2014, the Miles for Manufacturing (M4M) 5K has been run at meetings around the country and has raised more than $60,000 to assist middle school, high school and technical college programs that promote careers in manufacturing.

The IMTS tradeshow covers all of the cost associated with staging and promoting the M4M, so that 100% of all sponsor revenue and every dollar of runner registration fees go directly to the schools. Your support, whether as a sponsor, runner or a contributing spectator, directly benefits the students!

Proceeds from the September 12th M4M event are slated to support FIRST® Illinois robotics teams, FIRST®Indiana robotics teams, the Chicago Pre-College Science and Engineering Program, and STEM middle schools in the Chicago Public School System (CPS) among others. Donations are distributed by Smartforce Development at AMT.”- IMTS


John Marshall of Marshall Machinery Ltd. (EAMTM & MDNA Member) has been awarded aJohn Marshall

Fellowship of the EAMTM, in recognition of his hard work, dedication and commitment.

John has been a member of the EAMTM Association since 1991, has been actively involved on the British Board for many years and was Chairman of the British Branch in 1999 and 2000.   John was a member of the EAMTM Council from 1996-2014 and acted as a member of the IT committee.

Since the formation of the EAMTM Association there have only been 35 fellowships awarded (including John) and this is usually an honor bestowed on Past Presidents.

“The EAMTM is very grateful for all the work and effort John has put into the Association and I’m sure he will continue to do so in the future.” —Lorna Kesby, Chairman – EAMTM British Branch

eamtm british branch

These Members Met at a MDNA Event and Struck a Deal

Scott's Pic[1] copy
Scott Buth, Alternative Machine Tool, LLC

Testimonial from MDNA Member—-Scott Buth, CEA, CSA, Alternative Machine Tool, LLC

At the Detroit “Weekend With The Pros” I met a new MDNA Member, Matt Reed with Benchmark Machine Tools LLC. He introduced himself as an “Expert” in Parts Washers.

I am happy to report that I kept his card, and recently I came across a late model, parts washer that I needed his help on. Our deal went very smooth and we each made enough money to pay our MDNA dues for many years to come.

Without that “face to face” meeting, I would have never pursued this machine that was out of my area of expertise. I would highly recommend that any MDNA member contact Matt Reed when they come across a Parts Washer.—-Scott Buth, CEA, CSA, Alternative Machine Tool, LLC

Alliance Parts Washer[1] copy

The More You Know, Letter from our President on Harvey

laser header mdna7

Dear MDNA Members, We are Family!

Yes, we do business together on one deal, compete on the next and yes, some members conduct auctions while others buy and sell from their inventory, but the greatest attribute of this Association is the undeniable fact that we are one family.

During last week’s hurricane, our members in Harvey’s path experienced devastation of unprecedented magnitude. But as soon as the storm broke we heard from one local member after another telling us that they were okay and that they cannot believe the outpouring of calls and offers of support from their Used Machinery Family.

I have no doubt that if any one of us needed anything in the wake of this tragedy, the impending Irma or any other crisis big or small, that MDNA members would be lined up to support one another.

Sometimes “the more you know” is knowing who has your back!

MDNA President – Joe Lundvick, CEA
Perfection Global, LLC
I salute all who weathered Harvey and below is a list of our used machinery family in Texas and Louisiana just in case you want to share your support:
  • Firm: Akjetam Co., LLC Contact Name: Mr. Vincent W. Matejka Phone: +1 281 463 4105 Emails:
  • Firm: FMI Trading LLC Contact Name: Mr. Frank Friesen Phone: +1 915 207 5844 Emails:
  • Firm: Investment Recovery Services Contact Name: Mr. Gregg Trenor Phone: +1 817 222 9848 Emails:
  • Firm: OMNI Machine Tool Corp. Contact Name: Mr. Kerry Introligator Phone: +1 713 278 1700/ +1 877 666 4622 Emails:
  • Firm: Plant & Machinery Inc. Contact Name: Mr. Ron Moore Phone: +1 713 691 4401 Emails:
  • Firm: Rosen Systems Inc. Contact Name: Mr. Michael D. Rosen Phone: +1 972 248 2266 Emails:


To find more of these letters from our President in the future, simply go to the search bar in the upper right hand corner and search: “The More You Know” 

New England Chapter Meeting – Testimonials/ Recap

On February 16th MDNA’s New England Chapter met in Putnam, CT for a manufacturing tour of Phillips-Moldex Company followed by a chapter dinner meeting with special guests from The Smaller Manufacturers Association of CT: Doug Johnson, President of Marion Manufacturing, Board Member of the SMA, Chairs the SMA Education Committee, Ronald Turmel, Vice President and General Manager, H&T Waterbury, Inc., Board Member of the SMA.

View a full photo album from this meeting on the MDNA Facebook page here

Here’s what some of our MDNA Members who attended had to say about this meeting:

Sturbridge Mass Meeting   (30)
(R TO L) Kevin Brewster, NE Chapter Chairman, President of On Target Machinery; Tim Barry of Phillips-Moldex; Phil Dalrymple, Owner of Northwest Shippers Inc.; Doug Johnson, President of Marion Manufacturing; Ronald Turmel, VP of H&T Waterbury, Inc.

I am so glad we were able to put this meeting together. Invitations went out last minute, because it was difficult to get all the pieces into place. As hard as this was, we could have never pulled this off without the help / support of Nate Smith, Stephen Papillo and Julie Brewster. We have so many to thank for this meeting, our sponsor Phil Dalrymple President of Northwest Shippers Inc., and our company tour guide Tim Barry, Vice President of Phillips-Moldex Company; Doug Johnson, President of Marion Manufacturing, and Ronald Turmel, Vice President H&T Waterbury, Inc.  Both Doug, and Ronald are Board Members of The Smaller Manufacturers Association of Connecticut, SMA-CT.

I think our chapter members had very eye opening experiences as they heard 3 separate manufacturing companies convening the same concerns about the future of manufacturing. I also feel we took big steps to bridge a gap that night between Manufacturing End-Users and MDNA’s New England Chapter. We are on common ground with the fact that we need to cultivate our future incomes. In the process of the night I saw our members realize that this could be achieved by working together to inspire future careers into the trades. We heard several times throughout the night how young tool makers are needed, but do not exist. This is a very valid concern because the average tool maker is in his late 50’s to early 60’s at best. This is a skill that needs to be learned, or it could be lost forever. Helping repair this will insure our future sales income. I definitely will be moving forward to help the technical schools within Connecticut and around the country as much as we can.

–Kevin Brewster President / AEA, On Target Machine Brokers LLC., New England Chapter MDNA Chairman and Board Representative

“Great New England Chapter Meeting the other night. We were introduced to two members of a sister metalworking organization right here in Connecticut that I didn’t know existed. We will be working with them on common goals in the future. Also met a new Premier Vendor freight company, Northwest Shipping, who sponsored the meeting and had a rep fly in from the west coast. Well worth the time and the drive.”

–John W. Conroy, CEA, MDNA Past President, Machinery International Corp.

That was a great meeting.

Really appreciate all of your hard work to put it together. It was very successful. Thanks!

–Kristine Conroy, Machinery International Corp., Austin .D. Lucas Scholarship Fund President

The Boston/NE Chapter of MDNA featured a plant tour of Phillips-Moldex CO in Putnam, CT, 06260 on February 16, 2017.

The tour was led by the VP of Manufacturing, Timothy J. Barry, accompanied by MDNA members and guests. The tour featured late model electrically controlled plastic injection molding machines in operation and they were equipped with robotic pick and place, largely for automotive parts, such as, steering column levers with knob add-ons. The machines and plant were exceptionally well maintained with state-of-the-art plastic fiber dispensing system.

The tour included the entire facility, approximately 50,000 sq. ft. nestled within a modern manufacturing area in a small town…an impressive layout suited for growth of manufacturing in a historic political and economic time in the USA where the political emphasis is bringing jobs back to America. Phillips-Moldex is ready for the challenge.

Kevin Brewster, Chapter MDNA Chairman and Nate Smith, Membership Chairman were responsible for the exciting chapter meeting program with dinner and meeting presentation in Sturbridge Village, MA.

Special meeting guests Doug Johnson, President of Marion Manufacturing and Ronald Turmel, VP H&T Waterbury, Inc., both board members of the SMA-CT gave a presentation to the group.

All who attended had a meaningful tour, learned about the state of plastic injection molding machinery and tooling and had a chance to ask questions and increase knowledge and challenges. Northwest Shippers provided drinks and event sponsorship.

–David Gold, ASA, AMEA, Gold Machinery Group

View a full photo album from this meeting on the MDNA Facebook page here

Truckers & Riggers and Technical Services Online Directory – Updates now being accepted

The MDNA Truckers & Riggers Directory and Technical Services Directory lists companies recommended by MDNA member firms. This directory is an invaluable resource for member-recommended trucking, rigging, storage, and brokering services and is available on the “Members Only” page of the MDNA website.

Click here to download the Truckers & Riggers Directory Recommendation Form. Please send your TRUCKERS-AND-RIGGERS-COVER- copyrecommendations to MDNA via fax or email. This directory will also list the recommending MDNA member company, so please fill out the form completely.

EVER NEED A MACHINE SERVICED THAT YOU SOLD OUTSIDE OF YOUR AREA? When you are doing business outside of your immediate area and a machine you sold needs service, installation, or inspection in a geographical area that you are not familiar with, The Technical Services Directory is your solution!

The Technical Services Directory features companies recommended by MDNA member firms who specialize in different Technical Services in the machinery industry, such as CNC programming, hydraulics repair, presses, etc.

Your recommendations of companies in your area (including yourself) is what makes up this directory – Technical-Serv.-Cover- copywhich is a valuable resource for all MDNA members.

Each specialty listing is FREE! And to stand out with more exposure in this publication, purchase a display advertisement.

Please click here to download the form and send your recommendations to MDNA via fax or email. This directory will also list the recommending MDNA member company, so please fill out the form completely. We will then contact them and let them know they’ve been recommended by you to be included in the publication.

Young Guns of MDNA, Meet John Butz

Meet Resell CNC’s CEO and Chairman of the MDNA Southern Regional Chapter, John Butz. John’s hardworking, dedicated work ethic allows him to not only run day-to-day operations of his own business, but also sit on two MDNA committees and the Board of Directors. While being heavily involved in the MDNA and his own business, he manages to set aside time to spend with his wife, Chay Butz, and his two beautiful children, Maiori and Alex.

johnFamily copy

John was introduced to the machinery industry early in life when his father worked for Siegler Machine and Tool in Milwaukee, WI and Machinery Systems Inc. in Chicago, IL between the 70’s and 80’s. Although he grew up around machinery, John did not officially enter the business until the early 90’s. As he made the move to Florida, John began working for a Mazak distributor selling new and used machinery.

In 2007, John had a vision and embarked on a new journey with a new purpose, starting Resell CNC. Resell CNC is a full stocking used CNC dealer that provides many different custom solutions including end user sales, online and on-site auctions, service and repair, storage and logistics. Since its doors opened, the company is still growing and continuously invests in its team and technology. Today, Resell CNC is made up of 25 team members in two locations in Phoenix and Orlando, helping serve customers nationwide. With the addition of Resell CNC Auctions and the unique auction platform, the company has become a trusted, reliable source for all manufactures in the industry.

Resell CNC copy

“At Resell CNC, our mission is to help manufactures solve problems by creating an innovative platform to buy and sell machinery and equipment enabling our customers to be competitive and profitable in the global market.” – John Butz

Most recently, Resell CNC became the only used machinery dealer in North America that can provide used and demonstration machines from Mazak with a factory warranty, installation, and training.

“My years of experience with Mazak have led to us helping Mazak with their loaner, demo, off lease, used and trade-in machines. We are extremely pleased to be working with an industry leader such as Mazak.” – John Butz

John’s schedule is certainly a busy one, but he does enjoy the times during the year that he can take to explore and vacation with his family. Along with traveling, John has a passion for adventure and enjoys physically challenging himself. He recently participated in an Ironman 70.3 in Coeur D’Alene ID where he swam 1.1 miles, biked 56 miles, and ran 13.1 miles. After all his time spent with travels, family, adventure and business, John makes it a must to schedule one exotic fishing trip a year to enjoy with his friends.

Fishing copy


Resell CNC Website

CNC Lathes

Vertical Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining Centers


Resell CNC Auctions

Resell CNC Facebook Page

Resell CNC EBay Store 

Who are MDNA’s Young Guns? Learn More here

MDNA Member Firm, Makes Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies


Resell CNC Auctions for the third year straight has been on Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest-Growing Companies

Orlando, FL – Resell CNC Auctions (Machinery Dealers National Association Member INC5000-september-2016-cover_402[1] copyFirm) for the 3rd year in a row has been named by Inc. 5000. At #3,871, Resell CNC Auctions has had a 77% growth over the past three years. In 2014, the company ranked #155 and the following year earned a spot 47 spots ahead at #108.

“We are very excited to be named on the Inc. 5000 List for the third straight year. Our team is consistently working to remain the most reliable and trustworthy outlet for buying and selling used machinery,” – CEO, John Butz.

Resell CNC Auctions is a full stocking used CNC machinery dealer with offices in Florida, Arizona, and representation in California, Texas and Illinois. Backed by individuals with more than 100 years of combined experience, Resell CNC Auctions has been able to help manufacturers solve problems by providing an innovative platform to buy and sell used Inc500_stacked_goldmachinery, enabling them to be competitive and profitable in a global market.

The auction platform provides manufacturers all over the country with a way to buy and sell used machinery and equipment. The innovative format has allowed Resell CNC Auctions to be among one of the very few auction companies to be named on the Inc. 5000 list. The company has also been completely separated from the rest in the industry as the one and only machine tool dealer to be listed in the last three years.resellcnc_standard_CMYK[1]

Resell CNC Auctions continues to grow and will focus on creating new ideas, methods and products that will better serve their customers and distinguish them from the rest of their industry.


Resell CNC Media Contact:

Matt Horn Resell CNC 844.478.8181

MDNA Media Contact

Jennifer Gray

New England Chapter Tours the Famous Fenway Park

MDNA’s New England Chapter met on June 9th 2016 for a very unique and special experience touring the famous Fenway Park in Boston, MA. The chapter dinner meeting followed the tour at the local Tony C’s Sports Bar & Grill. A special thank you to Paul Gedenberg with BayState Riggers & Millwrights (Machinery Movers + Auction Removal Specialists) for helping to sponsor this event!

Read what members had to say about this meeting…

L to R: Mark Barowsky, American Systems & Equipment, Brian Besse, Wigglesworth Machinery, Kevin Brewster, AEA, On Target Machine Brokers LLC.
L to R: Mark Barowsky, American Systems & Equipment, Brian Besse, Wigglesworth Machinery, Kevin Brewster, AEA, On Target Machine Brokers LLC.


Bob Yeoman
Bob Yeoman, Yeoman Machinery Corporation

“Last night I attended the New England Chapter meeting and toured Fenway Park. My motive was purely selfish – as I thought this might be the only opportunity I might ever have to see the greatest park in MLB – but the frosting on the cake was the chapter meeting.

It allowed me to put some face time in with some of our members I have known for many years – and a few I have never met.  I also met up with a prospective new member who would not only be a good addition to our organization – but provided me with a direct link to a European machinery line that I was looking to contact. (Just what our organization is supposed to be about – Right?)

On another note – I have worked with Kevin Brewster on a few deals – but this guy should appear in the dictionary as our poster child for MDNA. Enthusiasm to say the least – with keen understanding of what our association can do for us as individuals and dealers. He’s working hard on both fronts for the organization and his membership.

I know I benefited enormously by taking the time to attend this meeting.” –– Bob Yeoman, Yeoman Machinery Corporation

“Thanks for setting last night up. The people who couldn’t make it missed a great time.”

–John Bouley, Furnace Brokers Inc.FENWAY2

“Great job last night …..FYI Julie is your secret weapon…Awesome help!!!”

–Nate Smith, Absolute Machinery Corporation

“Thank you for the opportunity. It was a great first experience with the MDNA. I learned a lot and what a great bunch to hang with. I’m looking forward to the future with the MDNA.” Paul Gedenberg, BayState Riggers & Millwrights

See the photo album from the event here

Members, make sure to check out MDNA’s Calendar of Events page and your MDNA email notices for regular chapter events to attend throughout the year.