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I will tell you that being a part of this membership pays for itself. A few years back I met the Freisen brothers (Johnny and Randy of FMI Trading LLC) at WWTP in Detroit. They were very personable and friendly (we connected). Through our networking, I learned that they had a place close to the border. After the weekend I began to notice their emails and they were never too far from my radar.

Fast forward to August 2019. I bid on a piece of equipment through Charleston Auctions in Acuna Mexico. The details for load-out rigging were unclear. They had a guy on-site named Oswaldo (Ozzie) who told me that it could get loaded and across the border for $750.00-$1,000.00. With that information, I bid, win the bid. Then begins the chase of getting it quoted, loaded, etc. Unfortunately, now Oswaldo has a different story. Through the people he recommends I get a rigging and shipping price of $7500.00 to Tulsa, OK (641 miles legal LTL Piece). I get the overwhelming sense that they are trying to take advantage of this Gringo! lol
I try talking with Charleston Auctions (Shelley Waltour) who could care less. They tell me, “you bought it”. Well yes, I did, so the question was how can I make this happen. After a week of trying to solve this issue, I remembered my southern connection with Johnny and Randy. I called their number and got ahold of Johnny. I explained the situation. He agreed that the cost was high. He told me he couldn’t make any promises but that he would work on helping me. Suffice to say I am overwhelmed with gratitude is putting it mildly. I could not be happier with being a member of MDNA and the good relationships I have made. This morning Johnny sent me a picture of the unit loaded and headed to his place. If any of you are thinking of doing business in the south I highly recommend getting to know the Freisen family. They are professional class and proving to be great friends.

~Matt Reed
Benchmark Machine Tools, LLC

“The MDNA is an organization you can trust. Each one of our members choose to be held to a higher standard by adhering to our membership’s ethical code. Peace of mind is knowing you are working with people that have your best interest in mind.” – 

Kevin Brewster President / AEA/ Brewster Machinery Sales Inc. dba. On Target Machines


The MDNA represents the best in repurposed equipment dealers whom are bound to providing the manufacturing industry value and integrity in machinery and equipment. If your looking for quality repurposed machinery through an equipment dealer, make sure they are a member of the MDNA.” – Andy Kamashian, CEA, Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales, Inc. 


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“For over 30 years, Galaxie Corporation has moved plants and equipment around the GALAXY CORP IMG_8498[2]world. Membership in the MDNA offers Galaxie a large network of other dealers that we know we can trust to find the highest quality equipment for our customers if we do not have it in stock. Being a member of MDNA also gives our customers the assurance that Galaxie Corporation adheres to a high standard of business practice and strong Code of Ethics.”

— John S. Cauffiel President, Galaxie Corporation

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Scott's Pic[1] copy
Scott Buth, Alternative Machine Tool, LLC

Testimonial from MDNA Member—-Scott Buth, CEA, CSA, Alternative Machine Tool, LLC

At the Detroit “Weekend With The Pros” I met a new MDNA Member, Matt Reed with Benchmark Machine Tools LLC. He introduced himself as an “Expert” in Parts Washers.

I am happy to report that I kept his card, and recently I came across a late model, parts washer that I needed his help on. Our deal went very smooth and we each made enough money to pay our MDNA dues for many years to come.

Without that “face to face” meeting, I would have never pursued this machine that was out of my area of expertise. I would highly recommend that any MDNA member contact Matt Reed when they come across a Parts Washer.—-Scott Buth, CEA, CSA, Alternative Machine Tool, LLC

Alliance Parts Washer[1] copy

MDNA’s New England Chapter has been targeting members of other chapters to attend IMG_8532their meetings with the objective to make more “deals” together. On June 18th they met with MDNA members from across the USA to kick things off with a tour of member firm Gold Machinery Group followed by dinner at Via Roma Italian Restaurant, where the meeting focused on doing more business together!

Read first-hand what guests had to say about this incredibly well-attended meeting and why it’s worth it to their business to attend these MDNA chapter meeting & events.


This was the first time I, along with my wife Erika in tow, had ever attended ayoder MDNA New England chapter meeting.  All I can say is my experience could not have been better.   Starting with the warehouse tour of Gold Machinery, who was one of the sponsors, it was a great time with the fellowship of MANY of the chapter members.  It is always nice putting a face with someone whom your only contact has been via phone or the keyboard. From Gold Machinery we went to Via Roma Restaurant where the fellowship continued during dinner with everyone introducing themselves, giving some of their highlights and networking.  I would like to thank Pedowitz Machinery Movers for their sponsorship of the event.  All in all it was truly a great event thanks to the efforts of Kevin and Julie Brewster.   If you ever get the chance to visit another MDNA chapter meeting it can help not only in business but also in the personal relationships you get with other members.  – Terry Yoder, Yoder Machinery Co.

“My wife, Helen, and I had a great time at the New England MDNA meeting held in Providence, RI!  Gold Machinery rolled out the red carpet for

SONY DSCeveryone, and the laser engraved demo/give away was a great idea and very fun.

I was blown away by the meeting run by Chairman Kevin Brewster.  His presentation was super and his involvement of visitors (of which there were many) was great.  And the content he included was applicable and appreciated.  What a pleasure to travel to another chapter, meet dealers I have spoken with for years but never met, and come home with a pocket full of leads.” – Troy Clark, CEA, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC

I found the meeting to be very informative as well as dynamic….very well attended.  It appears the NE Chapter is an active one!  We are already working on a deal as a direct result of our attendance.  Very pleased to have attended. – Pat Ryan, Ryan Machine Company 

jconroy crop“I don’t recall ever having so many dealers from other chapters as we did at our last New England Chapter meeting. We had people from Baltimore, Toledo, Philadelphia, New York and California. It was a great networking opportunity as well as a great chance to meet some new faces.” – John Conroy, CEA, Machinery International Corporation


“After a long absence from attending our local New England MDNA chapter meetings, I am impressed with New England Chapter Chairman, Kevin Brewster and his wife Julie’s enthusiasm and energy that they bring to our organization.  They have encouraged all of our members to attend the meetings in order to enhance our networking connections and to ‘make money together.’  It is also refreshing that Kevin extends an invitation to other MDNA chapters to attend our meetings.  I had the opportunity to meet with many names in the industry that I have seen in advertising venues and have now put a face to the names and establish a real contact.  Kevin has a well-planned agenda for the meetings that includes updates to our chapter as well as National. He also aligns a guest speaker with interests to our members such as Direct Capital Financing opportunities and Andy and AJ Conte from Pedowitz Machinery Movers with their capabilities. Finally, the members have an opportunity to introduce themselves and talk a little about their companies. Thank you Kevin and Julie for the tireless energy you put into this organization.” – Paul Gaffney, Industrial Surplus, Inc.

“Thank you very much for putting together one of the best and well Ross Finn cropattended MDNA meetings.  It was great to be back at Gold Machinery’s warehouse to see all the equipment he offers for sale.  The dinner meeting was perfect and I was glad that all those in attendance got to tell a little MDNA history and share a brief introduction of their company.  Kudos to you and Julie for getting a few out of town guests to come as well.  Lastly, thanks to Pedowitz Machinery Movers for sponsoring this event.” – Ross Finn, Joseph Finn Co. Inc.

nate smith testimonial absolute machinery“Great meeting and thanks for pulling this one off- nice job! The boys had fun and appreciated the networking!” – Nathan Smith, CEA, Absolute Machinery Corporation


“Great meeting last Thursday. It was a Paul Prez Head Shot ex prez finalreal treat for everyone to visit Gold Machinery!” – Paul Lashin,CEA, Prestige Equipment Corp.

“The recent MDNA New England chapter meeting was another success. Kevin and the rest of the officers are doing a great job of generating interest in chapter activities, not just from New England but neighboring chapters as well. It is a welcome opportunity to meet face to face the people I have done business with for many years.” – Marc D. Mazzalupo, ASA, CEA, The Branford Group, LLC


“I want to thank you for coordinating the MDNA New England Chapter meeting on June 18th.  Although it was only my second meeting, my first as an MDNA member, I was made to feel welcome by all of the members!  It was great to catch up with old business partners, some of whom I have not seen in months, and in some cases years.  The plant tour prior to dinner was fantastic…many thanks to David Gold for hosting that.  I was amazed by the ‘out of town’ members in attendance, coming in from California, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.  It was great to network with these members.  Looking forward to future meetings!” – Tom Lowkes, Fabricating & Production Machinery, Inc.

Kevin Brewster presenting new membership plaque to Tom Lowkes, Fabricating & Production Machinery, Inc.
Kevin Brewster presenting new membership plaque to Tom Lowkes, Fabricating & Production Machinery, Inc.

“Great and lively meeting.  Made some new contacts and renewed old ones from out of town.  Well worth the time to attend.” – John Bouley, Furnace Brokers Inc.

“Thanks for putting the effort in to hopefully bring back the interactive benefits that have always existed.”- Thomas Gagliardi, Jr., Thomas Industries, Inc.

“Awesome MDNA New England chapter meeting in Rhode Island…A very well attended meeting with MDNA officers and included members from California, Philadelphia, New York ,Conneticut, Massachusetts..”- David Gold, CEA, Gold Machinery Group

Adam Herman with David Gold
Adam Herman with David Gold

“I had a productive time at the MDNA New England Chapter meeting hosted by Kevin Brewster, On Target Machine Brokers.  It started off by taking a tour of Gold Machinery and meeting David Gold – an impressive operation!  Dinner followed in Providence where I was able to personally meet and network with some of the participants that listed assets into our MDNA/Liquidity Services/GoIndustry DoveBid sale.  I had the chance to speak about our partnership.  The meeting was well organized, people were friendly, and I am glad I had the opportunity to attend.” – James Spencer, Liquidity Services


“I joined the Machinery Dealers National Association years ago because I needed a terrance jacobsplace that I could turn to in order to find professionals and specialists in the sales and service of industrial machinery. As well, a group of companies that share the same ethics and business practice as my own. Throughout the years, I have reached out to the MDNA membership,  and in turn, it has helped me to grow my auction and appraisal business.” – Terrance Jacobs, CEO, TCL Asset Group Inc.

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“Recently we purchased equipment from Weld Plus, an MDNA member.  While doing IPSbusiness with them, we learned that there was going to be an MDNA regional chapter event/tour of the Bourbon Trail.  We inquired about attending and we were immediately welcomed on to the tour.  We here at IPS, were impressed with the MDNA, their services and responsiveness and I would go so far as to say that the MDNA and Weld Plus set the benchmark in member and customer support, that other organizations should strive for.  Lastly I would like to thank the MDNA for an amazing weekend adventure full of learning and networking and Bourbon!”  -IPS

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“I found you and your organization to be very professional. The equipment I purchased whybuyfrom you was accurately described and represented – no surprises and no “misunderstandings”. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more equipment from Prestige Equipment in the future. “I was onsite this morning when the truck arrived in Buffalo with my furnace. I wanted to look it over before it was unloaded. I have to say your team did an incredible job to prep the furnace, tuck things away and build a beefy skid for the system. We have a lot of clean-up to do and things to tweak but we’re very pleased with our new purchase from (MDNA Member Company) Prestige Equipment.” —Kevin Brennan, KB MACHINE (customer)

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“We purchased a used press brake from Steve Vander Ziel (of MDNA member firm Vander

tony strenke testimonial 2Ziel Machinery Sales Inc.) and they stood out as dynamite dealers in comparison to past dealers we worked with. Steve was so forthcoming and the whole deal was really great. I can trust him to do a good job and don’t have to worry. Since then we have purchased multiple machines with Vander Ziel. Even if I had to pay a little more money in the future for a machine than I’d still buy from him.”

Tony Strenke | President, Advanced Tower Components