Webinar, Finding and Mentoring our Future Manufacturing Champions

July 18, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Online Webinar hosted by AMEA, Open to MDNA Members Only
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Join our webinar on The Importance of and Quest for Finding/Mentoring our Future Manufacturing Champions!

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What You’ll Learn  

Each of us is here today because we believe in a vision. We each believe that our youth is the future. Whether you are an educator, a parent, or an industry member we all have a shared passion to make a difference. Thirty-nine years ago I joined the manufacturing sector, because of a proud family history of manufacturing employment. Throughout almost 4 decades I have heard a resounding comment that started as a whisper in 1980 and has now grown to be a loud chant – “I cannot find enough skilled workers for my manufacturing company”. I grew tired of empathizing and not being able to lend a hand and being part of the problem. Instead, I would rather help be part of the solution.

In 2012 I founded a 501(C3), CHAMPIONNow! This organization title is an acronym for Change How American Manufacturing’s Perceived In Our Nation. The Now is the call to action for all of us. My call to action was to lead me to write a book titled “Finding America’s Greatest Champion”.

My presentation is to tell my story, share some of the stories of over 45 interviews from my book, and tell you whether a parent, educator or an industry member that each and every one of us can make a difference. My message is simply “Building prosperity through manufacturing, mentoring and the awesome responsibility of parenting.”

Please share my passion, join in my vision in changing the prevailing culture in the US.

Let’s mentor our youth better, parent our children more appropriately, educate our young people more effectively and inspire to employ the next generation of manufacturing leaders by discrediting the perceptions that are antiquated and outdated to the exciting and challenging careers our sector has to offer.

Meet the Expert

Presenter: Terry M. Iverson, MDNA Member Firm, Iverson & Company