Flash Goes BYE BYE

What You Need to Know: How this could affect your Machinery Sales and your everyday online surfing

On July 13th Mark Schmidt, Head of Firefox Support, took to Twitter to announce the news…

twitter post for Mozilla flash news

Mozilla has announced that all versions of Flash are temporarily blocked “by default” in Firefox until Adobe releases a more stable version. Users can (however, it’s discouraged by many) still enable Flash within their settings menu.

MDNA’s IT Department Shipshape, has informed us that if you are using the Chrome or Firefox browser, there may be an issue because of the recent change in the default security mode of those browsers. Chrome and Firefox browsers (most used browsers) now implement a security policy that prevents unsecured content from being displayed within a secure page. Of course, there’s an easy way to get around this if you want to.

But the question now remains, do you even want to take that risk? And regardless of how comfortable you may feel it really boils down to this:

Will potential customers visiting my company website want to take that risk?

Probably not, which is why many are purposing we get away from FLASH all together. Maybe it has reached the END of its ERA.

flash dies

Many machinery dealers are still using flash images to display machines on their website. This poses two problems for members. First, could you also be at risk of having internal company information hacked? Second, if you use flash to display your used machinery, could it be missed altogether by customers visiting your website? In this online user-friendly based world– that’s a no-go.

In a Tweet on Sunday, Alex Stamos, the new head of security at Facebook, called for the end of this software (Flash)

facebook security flash tweet

4 things you can do to address this problem now:
  1. How to disable flash from automatically running on your browsers and enable click to play
  2. How to use the new HTML5 instead of Flash41KcvYbAEOL
  3. Have your web developers look into Flash Security
  4. Ready to say goodbye to Flash completely? How to remove and disable Flash

YouTube users check this out-  Use the default HTML5 video player on YouTube™ A simple Chrome extension that gives you the option to use the default HTML5 video player on YouTube. HTML5 Video for YouTube


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flash update