Great American Equipment Company Tour at WWTP

Weekend With The Pros, Great American Equipment Co. Tour with Austin D. Lucas $1,000 Scholarship Challenge

It was a great weekend with the Pro’s in Cincinnati Sept 19-21 st.  The enthusiasm and particularly the amount of new youth was very encouraging for our industry.  Lots of comradery and smiling faces which is what it’s all about.

Great American Equipment Co was proud to host one of the tours. Regarding the $ 1,000 Austin D Lucas Scholarship Challenge Learning Questionnaire given by Great American Equipment Co, Ed Krause from F H Machinery only missed 4 questions out of the 24. This was 3 better than second-place which was missing 7 questions. This is very impressive for a guy in the Fastener and Wire Forming business, as many of the questions revolved around conventional CNC machinery. Missing 10 questions was still a pretty good score as the 24 questions were not particularly easy. Particularly impressive to me was even if you missed quite a few questions, if you got one right that hardly anybody else got right, then that was impressive also.

I would like to give an honorable mention to all those people who were humble enough to give it a try. If the questionnaire did humble you further, please don’t be discouraged because an iconic used machinery dealer and long-time MDNA dealer taught me, by example, that Optimism, Initiative, and Persistence will make you a lot more money than knowledge in the machine tool business.

Great American Equipment Company will be donating $1,000 to the Austin D. Lucas Scholarship Fund in Ed Krause’s name.

Finally, all the thank-you notes we received made it all worthwhile.

Dave Quint, President & Founder

Great American Equipment Company