“At this year’s Weekend With the Pros in Cleveland I met (fellow MDNA member) John jlundvickTaucher of Portage Packaging Systems, Inc. Over meals, drinks and many laughs I found out that John and Portage dealt mainly in packaging equipment and related items – I shared with John that in addition to our inventory business of buying and selling manufacturing machinery, Perfection was also actively chasing plant and auction deals. One week after WWTP one of Perfection’s salesmen found some packaging equipment – We contacted John, he inspected the equipment, and we purchased the equipment as joint venture partners. Additionally – about one month after WWTP John contacted us with a large plant deal opportunity, which we chased and won. Furthermore – through our new relationship with John we met a friend of his named Brian Swain of Plastiwin Capital Equipment – over drinks, dinner and laughs Brian mentioned he dealt heavily in Plastics machinery and related equipment. I mentioned we had some good plastic injection molders in stock. Within two weeks Brian had bought a machine from Perfection and sold it to one of his valued customers. By getting involved and attending just one Weekend with the Pros we made three business deals and gained two new valued business partners.”

Joe Lundvick, Perfection Machinery Sales, Inc.

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