Joint Ventures with MDNA

A story of how Members work together in ways you would not think

By Mark Robinson, Executive Vice President, MDNA

This mantra proves itself to be true time and time again and sometimes in ways that surprise us.  On a recent trip to Columbus Ohio to follow one of my passions, I attended a large custom car show.  This event draws upwards of 7,000 cars so you can imagine how large the grounds of this show were.  And you can also understand that it is nearly impossible to see all of the unique displays of “automotive art” (at least this is what I tell my wife we are looking at as I drag her along).  As I struggled to take it all in I came across a peculiar, some would say odd, very rare automobile.  This 1957 Isetta has three wheels and was drawing quite a crowd.  As I made my way over to get a closer look at the car, there was none other than Dave Troutman of MDNA member firm ITL Machinery Services.  

It turns out that the Isetta is owned by Bob Yeoman of MDNA member Yeoman Machinery Corporation.  Bob knew that his very rough Isetta would be very valuable to the right collector but Bob, as he will tell you is “not a car guy.”  Dave on the other hand has been in the hobby and doing concourse quality rebuilds for many years.  Enter the MDNA and one of our many networking opportunities.  These two came together and partnered to restore this piece of automotive history.  Bob brought the blank canvas and Dave brought the automotive skill set and together they have created this restored rarity.

car2 d troutman
Dave Troutman with 1957 Isetta automobile

This story just goes to show how one benefit can parlay into another after attending an MDNA networking event. So if you happen to be in the market for a very rare collector car, give Bob or Dave a call.  I hope to see you all at more MDNA networking events like the upcoming  2015 Weekend With the Pros event this Fall.

car1d troutman