MDNA and Direct Capital: A Well-Tooled Relationship

A special message from Direct Capital (MDNA Premier Vendor) to MDNA members…

DCC-CIT_Logo new

Direct Capital’s relationship with the MDNA goes way back.

Since 2005, Direct Capital has been the company most MDNA dealers have turned to when their customers have needed financing. A decade later, our relationship is still going strong. We are proud to have been designated one of the first Premier Vendor’s in 2013.

But in that time, things have changed. Like every relationship, after a while the status quo doesn’t suffice. We wanted to be something more; we wanted to give more. So we came up with a solution.

MDNA partners, don’t worry. You’re still getting the same great offers – 2% referrals on deals generated, 100% pre-funding with payments before shipping, and application only (no financial review) up to $250K. Except now we’ve made our leasing program even better.

Having exclusive offers for MDNA partners is something we’re proud of, but so is our new digital lending platform. Whether you are a proficient iPhone and tablet user, or someone who just casually checks out Internet Explorer now and again, we guarantee our technology will work for you. And here’s why:

Technology that Works for You and Your Customers

  1. Access a Quote Tool: You want to sell a payment, not a full price, and our quote tool allows you to do just that. Show your customer what their monthly payment could be right from our platform. Or, send it to them in an email.
  2. It’s Fast and Easy: You don’t have to be technologically-savvy to understand and use our lending platform. Our online application takes only 3 minutes to complete, and your customers can receive approvals in as little as 30 seconds.
  3. Track Your Deals: Once the application is submitted, you can track your customer through each stage of the financing journey.
  4. We Offer Training: We understand ease of use means something different to everyone, which is why we offer training and support to all of our MDNA partners.

At the end of the day, your goal and our goal is the same: to connect buyers to payment solutions that help move the machine. You want your customers to buy from you, and so do we.

As a dealer, there are few things worse than customers telling you “no” because they can’t afford the machine. Leasing, and doing so with streamlined quoting and approval technology, gives them an offer that’s hard to pass up.

There’s no other way to say it: integrating your sales process with our technology will help you close deals.  We offer flexible programs that can meet any business need and we make it easy for everyone to use.  With our technology, dedicated team of lease professionals, and industry expertise on your side, the next 10 years we spend together will be just as strong.