MDNA Tri-Chapter Meets in Atlantic City—Meeting Re-CAP

On December 3rd MDNA’s Philadelphia, New York/New Jersey and New England Chapters hosted their annual Tri-Chapter meeting.  This year’s meeting took place at the Borgata in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

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Here’s what some of the MDNA members who attended had to say about this year’s programming….

“I’ve been attending meetings for the past two years now on behalf of zac Smith absolute machineryAbsolute Machinery, and each meeting seems to one-up the last. As a member of the New England chapter, it is always nice to venture out and meet members from other chapters, and Thursday night in Atlantic City at the Borgata Casino and Hotel was another great example. As a younger member, it is always nice to meet members from different chapters and from a networking standpoint, there is nothing better than the MDNA.

At the Tri-Chapter (NY, Philly & NE) meeting, there was a great “Price is Right” themed icebreaker that peaked everyone’s interest, and kept the mood light and exciting. Terry Lashin also spoke for a while about a very interesting and relevant topic; international business. He spoke on a few points from freight forwarding, to cargo insurance, international business ethics and how to stay away from bad deals. Overall he hit some very key points that I believe helped raise awareness of not only the benefits, but also what to be on the lookout for when conducting business overseas for everyone in attendance.

Regardless of what the topic is at each MDNA meeting, you always walk out of each meeting learning something new that pertains to your industry, and with new contacts that you now have the opportunity to conduct business with, and in the end, make money. Whether it’s sharing leads that you come across in your industry that you might not be as familiar with, or partnering up on a deal, the MDNA is a great network of great people.

I was also able to meet Richard Bass and Meghan McLellan of the AMEA, and look forward to earning my certification with the AMEA in the near future. With that said, you could also say the MDNA is a great tool for furthering your education and credibility in your industry.” –Zac Smith, Absolute Machinery Corporation

“Great meeting, learned a lot from the group sharing experiences on the pitfalls of theSTEVE Brenner Prime Machinery Import/Export side of the machinery business” —Steve Brenner, Prime Machinery, Inc

“I thought the tri chapter meeting at Atlantic city / Borgata hotel was very successful, out of all the MDNA meetings I have attended, this was one of the most influential and interactive meetings so far. There was a lot of Matt Schulman Grand Marshall Machineryengagement between other dealers, auctioneers, repair services etc.. It was a great opportunity to network with eachother and I enjoyed the “Ice Breaker” it was a great chance to see other dealers equipment and put everyone’s mind to the test.”Matthew Schulman, GRAND MARSHALL MACHINERY

“Last night’s tri-chapter meeting at The Borgata in Atlantic City had everything that one could possibly want in an MDNA meeting:  a fun and informative machinery valuation icebreaker for AMEA credit, instruction on how to close more deals by getting quick and easy financing for your WillCroppedcustomers via Direct Capital, valuable education and advice regarding importing, exporting, and establishing overseas business relationships, and maybe most importantly an opportunity to meet, mingle, and network with fellow MDNA members in a fun and unique environment. Meetings like this are exactly why North American Machinery Sales has been a member of the MDNA for many decades now.” — Will Putney, North American Machinery Sales

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