Members Share Valuable Lessons Learned for 2016

As we make our way into the NEW YEAR of 2016, it’s important to look to the past to see what lessons can be gleaned. We asked a few MDNA members to tell us something important they’ve learned. Here’s what they had to say…

john joskoOver the years in this industry I have learned that you must continue to educate yourself and never close your mind to learning new things or new ways of doing something you think you know how to do.  —John A Josko, Industrial Asset Appraisals & Consulting, Inc.



LEADERSHIP IS DOING THE RIGHT THING”— Terry Yoder, Yoder Machinery Salesterry yoder



Paul Lashin, Prestige Equipment says “The main thing I’ve learned (and keep learning) is Paul Lashin that no matter how advanced our means of communication get, nothing beats a personal phone call, or better yet, sitting down over a steak and a Martini, to help develop a relationship and get a deal done.”

brian swain


“Never make the same mistake twice!”

Brian Swain – President, PlastiWin Capital Equipment, LLC