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The MDNA Public Relations Committee is looking for talented writers to submit useful technical style articles aimed at MDNA customers on used machinery & equipment to be published on All members with any experience writing are encouraged to participate. You and your company name will be credited in the byline and linked back to your website.

Requirements of Submissions:

  1. Articles must be no longer than 600 words
  2. Articles must include 1-3 images related to the topic
  3. Articles are subject to editing by MDNA

All articles can be submitted by email for review to Jennifer Gray at

Still not sure what we’re looking for? Check out some of these example articles:

Mechanical, Hydraulic, and now Electric Press Brakes. Which is best for me?

Why you should be using a Shredder/Granulator System to recycle your Plastics

Which Cincinnati Press Brake Model Is Best for You?

Do you have positive business news you want to share from your company?news 3 The Association would like to report the following types of news from you:

  1. HR NEWS:You Promoted someone or Hired someone new HR NEWS example here



  1. SALES: Your company beat specific SALES goals for a period of time Example> Machine Tools Inc. reached their quarterly sales goal with a 10% increase in sales!



  1. BUSINESS SUCCESS STORYEveryone can struggle or have down-times and maybe your business was declining but you were able to stop the ship from sinking.  Tell MDNA the story of how you turned things around and we’ll write it and publish it! Example of article here



  1. You received a TESTIMONIAL or good review from a customer? MDNA would love to hear it and share it with the world!

Make sure you include:

  • The name of the person who gave it to you
  • A picture of the person who gave it to you
  • The name of their company



  1. CHARITABLE DONATIONS were made by your company Example here

SUBMIT CHARITY NEWS HERE>  It’s up to you to submit the basic information for MDNA to review, but it must meet the set criteria for the kind of positive story we want to write about in order to be selected and published.

If you have questions about what to submit please contact our Marketing Manager, Jennifer Gray email: or call 703-683-5841


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