Being a part of this membership pays for itself… - I will tell you that being a part of this membership pays for itself. A few years back I met the Freisen brothers (Johnny and Randy of FMI Trading LLC) at WWTP in Detroit. They were very personable and friendly (we connected). Through our networking, I learned that they had a place close to the […]
MDNA is an organization you can trust… - “The MDNA is an organization you can trust. Each one of our members choose to be held to a higher standard by adhering to our membership’s ethical code. Peace of mind is knowing you are working with people that have your best interest in mind.” –  Kevin Brewster President / AEA/ Brewster Machinery Sales Inc. dba. […]
MDNA represents the best in repurposed equipment dealers whom are…. - “The MDNA represents the best in repurposed equipment dealers whom are bound to providing the manufacturing industry value and integrity in machinery and equipment. If your looking for quality repurposed machinery through an equipment dealer, make sure they are a member of the MDNA.” – Andy Kamashian, CEA, Southern Fabricating Machinery Sales, Inc.    Read More Testimonials 
Being members of the MDNA offers us many benefits - “For over 30 years, Galaxie Corporation has moved plants and equipment around the world. Membership in the MDNA offers Galaxie a large network of other dealers that we know we can trust to find the highest quality equipment for our customers if we do not have it in stock. Being a member of MDNA also […]
These Members Met at a MDNA Event and Struck a Deal - Testimonial from MDNA Member—-Scott Buth, CEA, CSA, Alternative Machine Tool, LLC At the Detroit “Weekend With The Pros” I met a new MDNA Member, Matt Reed with Benchmark Machine Tools LLC. He introduced himself as an “Expert” in Parts Washers. I am happy to report that I kept his card, and recently I came across a late […]
New England Chapter Rallies Excitement In Members - MDNA’s New England Chapter has been targeting members of other chapters to attend their meetings with the objective to make more “deals” together. On June 18th they met with MDNA members from across the USA to kick things off with a tour of member firm Gold Machinery Group followed by dinner at Via Roma Italian Restaurant, where the meeting […]
Companies that share the same ethics and business practice - “I joined the Machinery Dealers National Association years ago because I needed a place that I could turn to in order to find professionals and specialists in the sales and service of industrial machinery. As well, a group of companies that share the same ethics and business practice as my own. Throughout the years, I […]
Benchmark in member and customer support - “Recently we purchased equipment from Weld Plus, an MDNA member.  While doing business with them, we learned that there was going to be an MDNA regional chapter event/tour of the Bourbon Trail.  We inquired about attending and we were immediately welcomed on to the tour.  We here at IPS, were impressed with the MDNA, their […]
ENSURING QUALITY, PROMOTING TRUST. - “I found you and your organization to be very professional. The equipment I purchased from you was accurately described and represented – no surprises and no “misunderstandings”. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more equipment from Prestige Equipment in the future. “I was onsite this morning when the truck arrived in Buffalo with my furnace. I […]
They stood out as dynamite dealers.. - “We purchased a used press brake from Steve Vander Ziel (of MDNA member firm Vander Ziel Machinery Sales Inc.) and they stood out as dynamite dealers in comparison to past dealers we worked with. Steve was so forthcoming and the whole deal was really great. I can trust him to do a good job and don’t have […]