The More You Know, Letter from our President on Harvey

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Dear MDNA Members, We are Family!

Yes, we do business together on one deal, compete on the next and yes, some members conduct auctions while others buy and sell from their inventory, but the greatest attribute of this Association is the undeniable fact that we are one family.

During last week’s hurricane, our members in Harvey’s path experienced devastation of unprecedented magnitude. But as soon as the storm broke we heard from one local member after another telling us that they were okay and that they cannot believe the outpouring of calls and offers of support from their Used Machinery Family.

I have no doubt that if any one of us needed anything in the wake of this tragedy, the impending Irma or any other crisis big or small, that MDNA members would be lined up to support one another.

Sometimes “the more you know” is knowing who has your back!

MDNA President – Joe Lundvick, CEA
Perfection Global, LLC
I salute all who weathered Harvey and below is a list of our used machinery family in Texas and Louisiana just in case you want to share your support:
  • Firm: Akjetam Co., LLC Contact Name: Mr. Vincent W. Matejka Phone: +1 281 463 4105 Emails:
  • Firm: FMI Trading LLC Contact Name: Mr. Frank Friesen Phone: +1 915 207 5844 Emails:
  • Firm: Investment Recovery Services Contact Name: Mr. Gregg Trenor Phone: +1 817 222 9848 Emails:
  • Firm: OMNI Machine Tool Corp. Contact Name: Mr. Kerry Introligator Phone: +1 713 278 1700/ +1 877 666 4622 Emails:
  • Firm: Plant & Machinery Inc. Contact Name: Mr. Ron Moore Phone: +1 713 691 4401 Emails:
  • Firm: Rosen Systems Inc. Contact Name: Mr. Michael D. Rosen Phone: +1 972 248 2266 Emails:


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