The More You Know, Q&A with Wigglesworth Machinery Co.

A letter from our President: MDNA Member Profile

Question: When and how did you get your start in this business? 

Gifford Wigglesworth: “I am a fourth-generation machinery 

dealer.  For us this journey began in Chicago at turn of the nineteenth century, with my Great Grandfather Albert W. Wigglesworth.  He saw a business opportunity and shifted from selling new machinery to reconditioning and selling used machinery and for this he is known as the ‘Grandfather’ of the used machinery business.  In 1928 Albert W. sent his oldest of five sons, Albert G., to Boston (an up and coming Industrial Market) to practice the family business.  He tracked down every smoke stack in New England.  We have prospered here through several wars and survived several economic “downturns” and we are now celebrating our 90th year”. 

Wigglesworth 3 Generations
Question: Where are you located and do you have a warehouse? 
Gifford Wigglesworth: “We recently sold one of our two buildings. We consolidated into one warehouse and streamlined our operation. It is located at 276 Border St, East Boston, MA 02128. The entire warehouse is serviced by a heavy duty overhead crane and it is much easier to get trucks in and out”.  
Wigglesworth Warehouse
We have qualified mechanical and electrical repair personnel. We re-scrape slides, replace bearings and lead screws, and replace worn or broken parts as required. Many of our orders are from repeat customers who have been pleased with machines we have previously sold them.”
Question: Is there anything else you’d like fellow MDNA Members to know about your company? 
Gifford Wigglesworth: “We specialize in precision chip removal machinery; lathes, boring mills, grinders and gun drills.  From our beginning to today, and into the future, we have been and will continue to be in the business of reconditioning and adding value to our machines”.   
“My father, Albert Gifford Wigglesworth JR, ran the business for about 35 years. He past away 17 years ago. He said, “Our industry has certainly changed a great deal in a very short time. With the common use of the fax and now the internet, information is light years ahead of what it was a few years ago. There are darn few of us left doing things the “old-fashioned way”. When you buy from our stock, the machines are “right” when they go out the door”. I don’t have a fax machine anymore, but like my father, I make sure that the machines are still “right” before they go out the door.” 
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