Tips for Picking the Right CNC Machine

Article provided by MDNA Member Firm, Tramar Industries

Today manufacturing is more efficient, and the goods are standardized thanks to Computer Numerical Control (CNC). However, for the processes to run smoothly and the equipment to last long, you must choose the right CNC machine as well as a brand that is known for quality. Below are some critical areas that you shouldn’t miss when evaluating CNC equipment for purchase. 

The Weight of the Machine

The common materials used in the construction of CNC machines are aluminum, polymer composite, and iron cast. Where you need a durable machine for tough jobs, the iron cast is the best build. Other materials are suitable for lighter tasks.

The Work Radius

When choosing a CNC machine, select the one that goes beyond the maximum area for your products. Here is an example; if you are looking for laser equipment, pick a laser CNC machine that has a working radius bigger than the largest material you cut.

The Speed of the Machine   

 The speed is also referred to as the feed rate of your machine. Look at the feed rate when choosing your machine. It determines the rate at which you can cut materials during the actual manufacturing processes.

Availability of Spare Parts

Like any other appliance, your CNC machine may break down or wear down with use. You should ensure that the brand that you purchase can be easily repaired by your technicians and that the spare parts are readily available. It eliminates the downtime between the time of breaking down to the time that the machine is back on.

Power Consumption

Depending on the kind of equipment you purchase, you may need to increase the power available in the workshop. Check the power requirements of your machine and make the necessary adjustments at the workplace.  

 A CNC machine is rather expensive. Therefore, take the time to choose a machine that will serve you as needed and will last a long time. For more information on choosing the right CNC machine, contact the team at Tramar Industries today. 

Article provided by MDNA Member Firm, Tramar Industries if you are interested in a CNC Machine you can contact them here.

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