Weekend With The Pros 2015 Leaves a Lasting Impression

MDNA’s popular Weekend With The Pros was held October 15th -18th 2015, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The event kicked off on Thursday with a B.O.S.S. seminar. Participants reported leaving with many good implementable takeaways.  The B.O.S.S. was moderated by Joe Lundvick, MDNA First Vice President, of Perfection Machinery Sales Inc.  Attendee Steve Beck of Automatics & Machinery Co. Inc., commented that “Joe did an outstanding job of facilitating the event and provided some very good take home information.  We need to have this annually or every other year.”

Friday included an eye opening tour of Falk Corp. where attendees saw, among other impressive machines, one of, if not the largest Gear Shaper and Vertical Boring Mills in North America.  Friday also packed a lot of fun and networking with tours of Miller Brewing and the Harley Davidson Museum.  The day concluded with a Milwaukee/Minneapolis Chapter Meeting and networking dinner.  These events would not have been possible without the support of two great Premier Vendors and great sponsors, Bidspotter and Direct Capitol.

Saturday was a world wind day packed full of educational tours starting with breakfast at Premier Vendor, Bentley World Packaging.  Tom and his team opened their doors and our eyes into their world of specialty packaging, from custom packaging for any type of shipment, to all of the requirements needed for national or international shipping of machines from locations around the country.

Ever pitch a machine from your inventory and have a potential customer respond with hesitation because they are looking for a more automated way of doing things?  Our next stop was Acieta.  They are a leader in automation technology, with over 4,000 robotic system installs throughout North America.  Attendees saw several examples of how partnering with Acieta can give them the expertise to bring used machinery and robotics together to present a lower cost and increased production automation solution to customers.

Our tour ‘lunch stop’ was at the Wisconsin Branch of MDNA member Concept Machine Tool.  This was another great example of a key benefit of MDNA membership.  No other organization could get access for 3 bus loads of people into a first class facility like Concept.  Here attendees did not just tour a warehouse full of machines.  Bob Jurack, General Manager, and his team, made sure that attendees also received a first class education on Measuring-Inspection Equipment.  And we learned that in addition to Concept Machine Tool being one of the largest full service machine tool distributors in the mid-west that through their Measuring Equipment Division, Concept is a great partner for dealers to work with for their precision manufacturing customer needs. They are experts in offering CMM, precision measuring, optical comparators, microscopy scopes, gages and surface testers, calibration and more.  While at this tour stop attendees were treated to a great lunch courtesy of Alternative Machine Tool, LLC.

Our fourth stop of the day was at a manufacturer called Weldall Manufacturing Inc., the large weldments and large fabrication experts.  And by large I mean really, really, large.  To see how large all you have to do is checkout our photos.  Oh wait, we were prohibited from taking photos because of the type of work and the customers that Weldall services.  In fact our tour access was very rare and took special permission that was granted because of the efforts of one special MDNA member.  JR Kramer of Wisconsin Metalworking knew the value of a tour at a place like this and went over and above to help get us in the door.

Speaking of JR Kraemer, he Chuck Radtke and the entire team at Wisconsin Metalworking Machinery opened their doors for the last tour stop and in addition to demonstrating three machines under power and showing off their more than 50,000 square feet of machinery the WMM team hosted a German fest style party complete with pig roast German beer and all the trimmings for us.

A special thanks goes to the Milwaukee/Minneapolis Chapter Leadership team of Brad Wilson and Scott Buth of Alternative Machine Tool, LLC, who were responsible for creating this great weekend full of activities and tours.

As stated many times before, these events could not be put on without the generous support of tour hosts and sponsors and we encourage all who attended this fabulous weekend to reach out and thank all who contributed.  Please take a moment and read the names of all the companies that made WWTP in Milwaukee great!

Well done once again on Weekend With The Pros. Just like the other two I attended, the itinerary was well done and interesting. Fun activities, with lots of freedom to schmooze simultaneously. Networking was great. Everything was excellently organized, and the stuffed animals were unforgettable. I know I got a lot out of the weekend. Often I don’t know exactly what the most important effect of an event like this will be, but I’m sure down the line something good will happen because of it. You know it will always be interesting when such a colorful group like used machinery dealers get together. Looking forward to the next one. – Noah Graff, Graff-Pinkert & Co. Sales

 *Check out the MDNA Facebook page and the MDNA Fall News edition for more images to come!

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