Why Buy From an MDNA Dealer


“I found you and your organization to be very professional. The equipment I purchased from you was accurately described and represented – no surprises and no “misunderstandings”.

I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase more equipment from Prestige Equipment in the future.

“I was onsite this morning when the truck arrived in Buffalo with my furnace. I wanted to look it over before it was unloaded.

I have to say your team did an incredible job to prep the furnace, tuck things away and build a beefy skid for the system.

We have a lot of clean-up to do and things to tweak but we’re very pleased with our new purchase from (MDNA Member Company) Prestige Equipment.”
Kevin Brennan, KB MACHINE (customer) Read More Testimonials here>

MDNA dealers have broad areas of expertise and experience that you can depend on for all your industrial needs. Remember these important advantages when you consider buying quality used metalworking equipment from MDNA dealers:

Machinery Availability – MDNA dealers have in stock or have access to thousands of machines around the world, providing you with instant availability and delivery for any equipment you need. With the professional communication and information networks that we provide for our members, MDNA dealers can communicate with each other through various means. In addition to MDNA member communications, our subsidiary, Locator Services, provides various electronic and print marketing products, including free tools on its website, LocatorOnline.com, various email opportunities and dealer-to-dealer communications.

Buyer Assurance and Dealer Reliability – MDNA members are bound through the MDNA Code of Ethics to conduct themselves in an honest and ethical manner. This is what sets MDNA members apart from other machinery dealers. When you buy from, or sell to, an MDNA dealer, you can be sure that you will be treated with the utmost trust and integrity throughout a transaction.

MDNA members proudly display their emblem. This emblem identifies dealers who concur with MDNA’s high standards of business practice. It is a symbol of integrity and reliability. It also recognizes dealers who have a wide range of technical experience and data to help customers improve their productivity.

The Code of Ethics underwriting this emblem provides that each MDNA member will:

  1. Carry out the spirit and letter of all agreements and contracts in which he engages.
  2. Respond to inquiries, advertise, and offer machinery and equipment as accurately as he is able as per:
    1. Name of Manufacturer
    2. Serial Number
    3. Condition
    4. Specifications
    5. Adherence to standard industry terms and definitions
  3. Honor every option given a prospective buyer.
  4. Advise prospective customers of conditions and circumstances of sale when offering customer-owned machinery and equipment through a brokerage arrangement.
  5. Accept within 30 days from shipment any machinery and equipment sold with return privilege, freight prepaid, for refund of the purchase price if proven mechanically unsatisfactory; or repair at dealer’s option.