Young Guns of MDNA, Clark

Introducing Troy Clark of Clark Machinery Sales, LLC.young guns text 1

Troy’s business, Clark Machinery Sales, LLC, is located in a town called Hunt Valley, Maryland, which is approximately three hours south of New York and just over an hour north of Washington, D.C.

He’s known to be an early bird, often on the green squeezing in the back 9 before most of us have even had coffee. Troy says, “It’s my favorite way to start the work day.” Golfing isn’t the only sport to get this Marylanders adrenaline pumping, he exclaims..

“I enjoy few things more than downhill skiing…. and football are you kidding? Go Ravens!”


However, Troy’s not the only controller of the remote and his greatest joy is sharing his life with wife Helen of over 14 years and their two lovely, creative daughters, Amelia (10) and Lily (8).  Helen and Troy are both cinephile’s and can’t say enough great things about this year’s “Birdman” and “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

troy and family

In 1997, shortly after moving to Chicago, Troy began working in the used machinery industry. Troy’s father was working a machine cell at the very time Troy started dialing companies from the D&B book in Chicago. It was through a series of life events and various careers that Troy says

“I found myself face to face with the decision to leap into the free-fall that is business ownership.”  He founded Clark Machinery in January of 2005. Troy exclaims, “Each year since then it has been a great adventure in the Wild-Wild West of machinery dealing!”

Clark Machinery Sales, LLC, specializes in buying and selling metalworking machinery nationwide. The company’s focus areas are: CNC Swiss, Haas Machinery, multi-axis lathes and machining centers.  Troy says they succeed because “we are passionate about process, believing that structure and clarity protect both the buyer and the seller.”  Troy started out as a broker, but has since moved into buying for inventory and holding auctions.  He is also a proud member of the Association of Machinery and Equipment Appraisers (AMEA).

troy and his office team1

Troy is an active member of Machinery Dealers National Association and is currently the Chair for the MDNA Philadelphia Chapter.

“We own inventory with MDNA dealers across the country and enjoy working with our fellow MDNA dealers whom we consider to be some of the best individuals in the industry!”- Troy Clark


Who are MDNA’s Young Guns?

There are many new and younger faces throughout our MDNA membership.  This new sponsorship program aims to introduce the new faces of these companies as well as introduce key people at new MDNA member firms.

MDNA “Young Guns” are sponsoring A Night at Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History!  This grand evening would not be possible without the support of this growing sponsorship team.

If you are interested in this incredible “Young Guns” sponsorship opportunity please reach out to the MDNA office. Stay tuned as we introduce you to the new breed of MDNA members and future leaders of the industry at this year’s Convention and throughout the coming year.

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