Young Guns of MDNA, Brewster

In high school and adolescent years in his small hometown of Sandusky Michigan heyoung guns text 1 was better known as “Brew Ha,” “Bangin Bear” and “Kiss of Death.”  If you dare to be so bold, you’d challenge him for his title of “fastest pin in wrestling” which was a record 5 seconds time. Kevin Brewster, President and founder of On Target Machine Brokers, LLC located in Watertown, Connecticut has been a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA) since September of 2013.

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Don’t let this competitive, all-star sports jock, machinery dealing, outdoorsman hunting, fishing, camper, Young Gun fool you. Underneath the towering 6”2 build is an easygoing softer guy. A family man who reminisces with wife Julie saying

“Our favorite memories are camping trips with the kids when they were younger and telling them the old spooky urban legends of Hookman before bedtime near the campfire.”

Kevin and Julie have a lot of mouths to feed with four children, Kenny 26, Rachel 23, Brandon 19, Alexandria (AKA Pip) 16, plus a daughter in law Alyssa 26, granddaughter Amelia 9 months, their chocolate lab Mongo and in Kevin’s words “One stupid cat named Lady.”

Kevin with wife Julie

Kevin started out in this industry as what dealers refer to as the “end user” opening his first shop at the age of 25 in Michigan (KC Machining Inc.). He was known for Wire EDM specialties in 4TH axis and was published with Mitsubishi for discovering new process to wire components. His background includes Wire EDM, Die Sink EDM, Engineering, and Project Management in the tool and die, Plastic extrusion tool and Plastic Mold making.

After relocating to Connecticut nearly 14 years ago to work and apply his skills in Medical Device Manufacturing Kevin decided he would break off on his own again. Kevin founded On Target Machine Brokers, LLC three and a half years ago and he says

“I had worked in manufacturing equipment sales for several years, but did not respect the dishonest methods I was exposed to. I knew that I had something to offer to this industry and decided to go on my own and build a company I could be proud of.”  

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Kevin on the MDNA New England Chapter Tour

Today, On Target Machine Brokers, LLC (OTMB) caters to many metal fabricating and chip making industries. Kevin says

“I started my career with precision metal fabrication and I have a vast knowledge of how the equipment works. Due to this knowledge OTMB can offer our expertise and experience to ‘Target’ the right equipment for our customers. This and our customer service is what makes our team gain our customers’ trust and keep it. Our core values are to ensure our customers are profitable with their new equipment and ensuring that they have the best experience possible.”

Kevin was recently elected as the Chair of the MDNA New England Chapter. He says

“I enjoy traveling to the MDNA events with my wife and each time we go I’ve made new contacts and I’ve been able to make money with the members of the MDNA.”

kevin julie crop
Julie and Kevin at the MDNA Convention 2014


Sample of used equipment On Target Machine Brokers, LLC has listed for sale includes: Air Compressors, Air Lifts, Air Uploaders, Angle Bending Rolls, Arm Drills, Band Saws, Bar Feeders, Bending Machines, Brakes, Bridgeparts & Knee Mills, Boring Mills, Chip Wringer, CMM, CNC, Conveyors, Die Head Threaders, Drill Presses, Dust Collection Systems, EDM/Wire EDM, Fabricating, Grinders, Lathes, Laser Cutting Machines, Lift Trucks, Press Brakes, Roll Forming Machines, Shears, Spindle Chucking Machines, Vertical Mills, Welders.


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