Young Guns of MDNA, Meet Carl Davis

He is one of the MDNA’s newest members—just joining in January of 2015. An ambitious, young, marketing, tech-savvy, machinery dealing entrepreneur, Carl Davis, is the founder of the new Georgia base industrial equipment company, The Equipment Hub and we know he’ll be bringing some fresh energy into this Association with his background.

Carl Davis with Wife
Carl Davis with wife Heather

Carl says “I started The Equipment Hub in the winter of 2011.  I’ve had an innovative, entrepreneur spirit my whole life that stems from my passion of solving problems and creating new products or processes. Prior to starting the company I had a number of side businesses. The initial spark in creating the flame of The Equipment Hub was the introduction of eBay to my life.  When I was 15 years old I started using eBay to sell anything and everything I could get my hands on.  Fast forward to the age of 25. I was working with a chemical manufacturer and had the opportunity to help sell some surplus machinery.  To my astonishment I sold an old and obsolete machine relatively quick and for a good amount of money through eBay.  This is when I realized two things:  the internet was a powerful vehicle to moving machinery and most manufacturers had some old piece of machinery sitting around that they just wanted to get rid of.”

Not long after founding The Equipment Hub in December 2011 Carl’s brother & now business partner Mark joined to help grow the company.  “Since the beginning my brother and I have worked our butts off to achieve success.  When we initially started up we had little machine experience.  Because of this we had to rely on skills I had developed throughout my life; HTML code writing, Photoshop, video and photo work, SEO optimization and Internet marketing with a touch of creativity.  Our pitch was on effective equipment marketing not machine knowledge.”  

carl davis young guns 3 building
Carl with business partner/brother Mark

In the beginning Mark and Carl worked from home.  Carl remembers going out to various types of manufacturers, pitching to them that they could broker their surplus and bring them a return on their idle assets.  After doing this for a while they realized they were missing out on greater opportunities because they didn’t have the ability to store machinery that many companies preferred to sell to them.

In September of 2012 Carl and his brother Mark made their first big step by mustering the courage to get their own place.  Carl candidly says “Scared s*****ss we signed a one-year lease on a 10,000 sq. ft. warehouse.  From there we both took out $10,000 each from our personal funds to start buying and selling machinery.”   Carl took on the role of acquisitions while Mark took on the role of cleaning, testing and listing the newly acquired machines. Shortly after signing the lease the two closed on their first deal, buying $4500 worth of machinery, which later sold for around $15,000.

Carl recalls “Our first big break came when we were introduced to two brothers in their 80s.  They were machinery dealers just south of Atlanta that essentially had a stale business.  The way they said it was ‘all their customers had either died or were retired.’ They had about $150,000 of metalworking machinery that they couldn’t sell anymore.  Long story short, we sold all their machinery (about 75 machines) in 6 months.”

The duo had become known as the “Internet Guys.” As their reputation started to quickly spread in January of 2013 they had a similar experience happen with another machinery dealer.  This dealer needed the “Internet Guys” to help market and sell his idle inventory.  After moving his inventory in record time, the duo started buying out whole facilities together and after taking some noted advice they also began to delve into representing some new lines of machinery.

In February of 2014 Thermwood Corporation, a manufacturer of high-end 3 and 5 axis routers contacted the duo to represent their routers in Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Carl says “Although we had dealt with CNC machines in the past, the experience with Thermwood has been invaluable. Thermwood has paved the way to me understanding CNC and selling CNC machinery better.  We have dealt with so many different machines over the last 3 years of being in business.”

As The Equipment Hub continues to grow the team looks to focus more and more on high end CNC machines used both for machining and fabricating on metal, wood, plastic and composite materials.

carl davis young guns
The Equipment Hub sales team

Today The Equipment Hub is operating out of a 20,000 sq. ft. warehouse, has a team of 6 people, and have experienced 50% + growth every year.  Carl, a soon to be new father with wife Heather, credits his business’s success so far to his great mentors, business partners, family and clients. Carl says

“This has been an amazing journey for us so far and we feel that the sky is the limit for the future.”

Carl plans to attend MDNA’s Convention this April 23rd through 26th and is looking forward to meeting fellow members in Washington, D.C. this year.

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Below is just a small sample of inventory available for sale at The Equipment Hub to view all of their inventory visit them online through any of the links below.

Woodworking Equipment

Metalworking Equipment